Title Name Education/Experience Services concurrently with other companies

Hua Sheng International Investment Co., Ltd Representative:Ching Yi Chang

  • Master, Department of Business Administration, NCCU
  • Vice Chairman of Taiflex Scientific Co. Ltd.
  • Chairman of the CID Group
Vice Chairman Wei Lin
  • Ph.D in Electrical Engineering, NCKU
  • Chairperson of sup-program, Chunghwa Telecom Research Institute
  • CTO of LandMark
Director Jerry Yang
  • Master, Department of Finance, NCCU
  • Pass R.O.C Accountant of higher examination
  • CFA Charterholder
  • CFO and Vice President of LandMark
  • Director of Advanced Power Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Independent Director of ELITE ADVANCED LASER Corporation
Director Yong Hong Lu
  • Ph.D in Applied Chemistry, NCTU
  • Vice President, AUO
  • Director of Shuz Tung Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.
Independent Director Bob Tseng
  • Ph.D in Chemical Engineering, UT
  • Vice President in Shanghai Songjiang plant, TSMC
  • Factory Manager, 1st Plant of VIS
Independent Director James Wang
  • Bachelor, Departmentof Accounting, NCKU

  • Master, Department of Accounting, NCCU

  • Chairman of Ernst & Young Taiwan

  • Chairman of EY Management Consulting Inc.

  • Chairman of EY Business Advisory Services Inc.

  • Chairman of EY Transaction Advisory Services Inc.

  • CPA in Taiwan and China

  • CPA/CMA in the US

  • Chairman of EY Cultural and Educational Foundation
  • Independent Director of PCL Technologies, Inc.
  • Independent Director of SYSAGE Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Chairman of NCKU Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
Independent Director Yong Chang Chen
  • Department of Law, National Taiwan University
  • Judge of Taiwan High Court
  • Leader of All-Pro Law Firm
  • Director (Legal Representative) of Flexium Interconnect. Inc.
  • Independent Director of Center Laboratories, Inc.
  • Independent Director of Collins Co., Ltd.