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Founded in June 1997, LandMark Optoelectronics Corporation (LMOC) is a major supplier in GaAs and InP based epitaxial wafers for optical communication, industrial application, and special-purpose usage. We specialize in using the MOVPE (or MOCVD) reactors for epitaxial growth of compound semiconductor material.

LMOC understands the importance to our customers of production consistency and uniformity. We invested heavily in quality control / monitoring personnel and equipment, including high resolution X-ray diffractometer (HRXRD), photoluminescence (PL), electrochemical capacitance voltage (ECV) Profiler, surface morphology, etc. to ensure that we can reliably and consistently deliver high-quality wafers.

In addition to the general epitaxial growth, LMOC also provides services for our customers, for example, in Zn-diffusion (for PD), grating forming and regrowth (for DFB), and selected area growth (SAG). These services provide great value to our customers in shortening the overall process time, and delivering consistent quality as well as streamlined production flow.

One of our core specialties is collaboration with customers from the product design stage.As needed, we are involved in technical discussion and experiment design in order to optimize design parameters. At the same time, we are also committed to safeguarding the intellectual property of our customers.


LMOC is a leading epi-wafer supplier, with a sterling reputation earned through years of epi-wafer production. We are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. We look forward to earning the business of potential customers.